Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation

Okay I know that some people have yet to recognize the Mission Impossible movies as actual good storywriting. I have always liked the movies, but see the two first of them more as light entertainment than real quality movies. The third movie, however is more of a drama/thriller than an action movie. The story is excellently written and JJ.Abrams did an overal good job when he was let to direct the third movie. It's kind of a tradition, that every Mission Impossible movie get a completely new style, with a new director and all. I have earlier included Mission Impossible III in my 101 list of favourite movies, and I will keep it there for many reasons. The fourth MI movie was too childish for me. But having Brad Bird as director might do exactly that, considering he is the director of The Incredibles and The Iron Giant. On friday, the fifth Mission Impossible movie had it's premiere, and it was back on with awesomeness. Guess why? JJ Abrams of course was given back the role as director. It might be too childish to some people, the MI concept, but to me it's cheer awesomeness and fun to watch when it's done filmatically right. Rouge Nation is even full of suspence, and rare, real life scenes, which is rather rare in it's genre.


Anonymous said...

Go see "What We Do in the Shadows" immediately! You won't regret it!!!