Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Two Faces of January

I've been rather inactive as of lately, my last post was a poor one of Iceland. Iceland was awesome, did I mention that already? Anyhow, I've got two days left of work before it's summer vacation for me! Going to spend the most of it on Norwegian soil. A change from last year. I should probably try to blog more, just to keep the blog lively, but it's hard realizing youre grown up, trying to find time for stuff like that. I try to spend my time reading and drawing more, so that'll be my excuse.

The title of this blog however is also the title of a movie I've seen thrice in a very short period of time. In other word, a new favourite of mine. (If I am to blog, why not do so about a subject I love and find easy to express?) The two faces of january is a subtle film. The trailer, as all trailers do, spoils it and have quite a different pace than the actual movie. Not to mention that this trailer have almost the entire movie shortened down into it. As always, I never watch trailers before I see a movie, so please respect it and don't watch this trailer unless you saw the movie first. OR if you don't care anyway and won't watch the movie even if I invite you over.

I was very much impressed with this movie to say the least, so it's going to push some other title out of my 101 movies list for sure. Oh, and did I mention that Oscar Isaac is a definite new fav of mine after Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina and now this? Now you know. I've been excited about the casting of Star Wars as of day one, and Isaac, Gleeson and Driver has me really intrigued!

And if I don't pop by in a while, I wish the lingering souls of the interwebz a nice summer and remind followers that I am more active on Instagram - though that consists mainly of cats and food at the moment. Also, add me on Goodreads if you want!


Villfaren said...

Har en skikkelig crush på filmer med Oscar Isaac for tida, så takk for tipset! (Ex Machina, o-m-g!)

Villfaren said...

//Re: Flott sak å gi i gave! Vurderte selv å kjøpe tegnebok-versjonen i bursdagsgave til ei venninne :) Haha, ikke dumt det, å sikre seg 5 nye år med opplegget :D Vet jo aldri!

JAAA, digga Inside Llewyn også! Satt lenge og lurte på om det faktisk var han som sang! That guyyy <3