Thursday, March 26, 2015

On a thursday

Looks like I have a day off today! Been cleaning the house, doing some laundry, working out, having a shower; and now it's time for some gastronomical indulencies! Ah, well, today it's just this jar of lime, mint, cucumber and acacia honey that will do. I'm keeping busy. Hope you are too! Thinking of doing a waterfast during the easter week. I have days off work and it would really be the perfect timing to get my detox for the year done. It's been years since last time I went through a proper water detox. It's either that or liquid if I can't go through with it. Anyway dropping dairy products and grains now for some days (as I dont eat meat I don't have that to skip from the list), having soup the days upfront my fast and going easy on my digestive system when I'm done with the fast. I had a serious reconsideration yesterday, because I would also really like to enjoy good food with friends during the easter, but I am trying to convince myself It's just food! Wish me luck!