Monday, March 9, 2015

50 years

On saturday we had planned a suprise birthday party for Rino's father. It was a success and he was very confused about it all! I wore all my moms old gold rings, plus my grandmothers amethyst. It's such a privilige to me, to get to wear them, and own them. The big grey-ish stone is a diamond. The biggest fucking diamond I've ever held in fact. My mom had a few, but this was certainly the biggest. In some light it looks green, which matched my moms eyes.

I also found a spider running across the room. People started screaming and running in the opposite direction while I was running towards it.

ps. the framed drawing was my gift to him!


Spissmorkel said...

Modig som holder den edderkoppen :S den var stor.

Ametyst og smaragd er mine favoritt stein/diamant. så nydelige.