Sunday, February 22, 2015

saturday in purrfection

The plans for today was suddenly changed by the fact that i had to bring emma to the vet. She was having difficulties breathing and needed assistance asap! Thankfully it turned out to be just a flu being tricky on her throat/nose, so she got meds to fix her stuffy nose and a shot of antbiotics and tablets! Hopefully she will be well within the coming weeks end.

Was planning to head to oslo for a secret birthday party of a friend of mines, but sadly had to save my cat instead.

Had the opportunity to watch some favourite movies over again since cinema though, Gone Girl and Fury. GOD i love them both so freaking much. They make me want to start doing reviews on movies i like. Its a bit against my intern rule of no spoilers and "think-for-yourself" logic, but i might just start doing it. All i know is that its going to be hard to keep myself from it after whiping some tears off my chin after todays heavy watches. Also had an urge to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford now. Its a bit too late though...

♥ Emma, Bebi and Zita ♥