Friday, February 20, 2015

Breakfast on a friday

Banana, blueberries, almond flakes, peanut butter and drops of honey! If this doesn't look tasty, I don't know what does!

Other updates should be noted. It's been a week off work, because it's "winter holidays", which effects the school, ergo I was happily without a job for a week. I've been rather social this week. Started it off with a friend who is adopting one of our kittens. It was time for a kitty bath and she helped. It turned out bloody on her behalf, haha. After that we had lunch out then went to oslo and had a stroll. Later this week hubby and I saw 50 shades with a bunch of his coworkers after a pleasant dinner. The movie was shit, but I guess it was one of those you have to see to know. Then topped the week off yesterday, meeting my lovely, Maia, who is very much into fitness - what more natural then, than to join her at the gym?! Back and ab workout and I literally can not move today! So, thank you Maia ♥!
And the week before this one I was pretty much ill, even though I managed to push myself to work. It was very much worth it as I was healthy as a fish (saying in norwegian) by the end of the week. My dads open surgery went well too, and I was planning on meeting him this week at the hospital, but he is already sent home on recovery! I'm so happy for him. I know the following weeks will be very painful, but at least his heart is now sufficiently fed with blood through proper veins!