Thursday, January 29, 2015


I am so much in a rush of beauty these days. It is quite overwhelming, the beauty in everything that this world consists of, isn't it?

I'm currently doing a proper attempt at lucid dreaming. Will do my reality checks several times during my days from now on. Hope to discover secret realms of my unconciousnes! I shall not be too eager as of yet, I am lucky to remember all my dreams, but I rarely have lucid dreams. My previous attempts has failed me, but I will try more convincingly this time!

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I will meet my sister and brother for lunch tomorrow! Will be fun as I haven't seen them since Jul (christmas). We live merely 30 mins away from each other but continue to fail on seeing each other often. Tomorrow we will bake one of moms signature cakes together as well. We try to do things that reminds us of mom whenever we meet. We are the only ones sharing what we had together with her, so it makes good sense to bring the sensation of her to life with them.

It doesn't look like my dad will be free to join us at lunch or cakebaking, so I will have to find time for him later. Or rather, him find time for me. He is due to undergo an open heart surgery on the 10th of February, and I can not say that I am relaxed around the matter, and least it be a 4 days belated birthday gift. I only hope for a much later gift, of his recovery.