Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A long way back

Okay, I clearly forgot to wish the blog and everyone a Happy New Year! The blog has been alive since 2008, and even though the posts back then were crappy, they're still in my archives. nRelate, the feature I used for random links to other posts in posts are gone, so I'll have to find something new. It's the second time I have to look for a new one. 

Recent updates in the life of the living of importance is; Tempi, my favourite kitten had to be put down cause he was severly sick. The other kittens are doing very well thankfully, and so is Bebi though she had a hard time realizing he was gone. Work is good, and I keep myself entertained by writing, reading, gaming and seeing friends. 

Oh, and a wee bit of drawing too. I needed some time to think of my New Years Resolutions, so here they are: 
❥  Read as much as I did last year.
❥  Draw once a week at least
❥  See new places.
❥  Go to the movies more often.
❥  Exercise 4-5 times a week.
❥  Cook new delicious food.
❥  Continue not eating meat.
❥  Finish my novel before NaNoWriMo this year.
❥  Run more.
❥  Photograph more.
❥  Practice piano.
❥  Mejorar mi español.

and a maybe ones:
❥  Attend school.
❥  Move.
❥  Blog more. ehe, I'll try for my own sake. 

Next thing up is Copenhagen this weekend!


Hell Nuki said...

Catharina!! Happy New Year! hahaha
I think your list is ideal for me haha! I should blog more, draw more and get better in english!
Y yo puedo ayudarte a mejorar tu español si quieres! :D Write me or something if you want haha!

Catharina HS said...

Haha thanks Nuki! Happy new year to you too :D

Y si, es no problema, por favor ayudarte mejorar mi espanol! muchos gracias :D Hahaha, i have no idea how you'd normally say "if its no big deal" or "no problem" or something similar haha. Teach me :D

Hell Nuki said...

Claro que no hay problema, pregúntame lo que necesites! ;)
We say "no es un problema" or "no hay problema" for "no problem" it's easy! Writte me when you need something, honestly! ( or find me in facebook (Nuria MT)! haha