Monday, January 5, 2015

101 movies you should watch

There, long needed updated version of the 101 movies I want included in this list. Fuck it if I forgot something, it has taken too long already. By this day, these 101 titles cathegorize as my favorites. There are more, but either below or too obvious. Some titles are classics, and therefore very obvious favorites, but perhaps you'll be able to find some interesting new titles here worth a review. Every picture is linked to IMDb, but I have not taken my time to check them all to be correct yet. Please not me if some of them are wrongly linked. Some of you who have followed the blog for a while might recognize som of the titles I've blogged about.

These are films that has taken a part in makeing me who I am. Films that give me something; films I can watch again and again; films that make me laugh, cry or thoughtfull, or everything at once; films I have analyzed; films that share my points of view on this world; films with interesting context; films with scary foresights; and most important, films that portraits amazing ordinary people, old, young, younger, and their life in order or disorder. It's as interesting as it is to imagine a strangers life, rythm, rituals, scedule, and set of mind.


Villfaren said...

Mmmmmm, you had me from Interstellar! <3 Haha. Masse godsaker her, OG nye titler jeg definitivt kommer til å sjekke ut.