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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NY first week

I love it here so far. It feels like a place I could live permanently. So far I've been at the museum of natural history twice (once for 6 hours), seen the dark universe documentary at the MoNH, cinema twice, walked a lot all over manhattan, fallen in love with greenwich village, went to the screening of the shining at bryant park film festival, drank three days in a row, shopped in times square, chased fireflies in central park, had numerous ice creams from ice cream trucks, filmed a celloist, met the weirdo matthew silver, walked the brooklyn bridge, met the same stranger twice, seen rats all over (particularly in china town), had breakfast at a diner, gotten familiar with the subway system, seen a huge search&rescue mission under brooklyn bridge, climbed to the roof of the hotel, ripleys "belive it or not" odditorium and even had breakfast at mcdonalds!
On the list of stuff yet to do is coney island, liberty island, broadway show, madame tussaud, cut my hair, empire state building, walk skyline, jazz club, new jersey, rent a boat in central park, go biking, take the ferry to liberty island, photograph strangers, eat at the top of a skyskraper, visit bronx, visit famous movie locations play tennis and have a run around central park. (probably lots more i cant think of right now)
(12.41am here, so goodnight!)

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brief look at photos from spain 2014

We left sunny norway for spain on the 20th of july. My mom passed away on the 24th. It's been some tough weeks, and this short week home has been filled with sorrow, stress, family and unexpected things. We buried my mother on the 6th of August, and on the night to the 7th my dads heart stopped. His girlfriend was around to call on medical assistance and perform cpr and keep his heart pumping for 30 mins until the ambulance got there. Technically "heart dead". They got him going again and brought him by helicopter to the hospital. For the following day we could do nothing but wait, as he was to be kept sleeping until the next morning (minimum). You have no guarantee for having taken no brain damage at all. Late on friday he was slowly awakening, and he grabbed my hand and managed to say hello and ask what had happened. We were so relieved, everything seemed alright. Yesterday he was all awake and able to talk. Short memory has been an issue since, and he can not remember anything we've told him, or even that we've been there with him already. I am so relieved he seemes to be himself again though. We were told that it is very rare to go through complete cardiac arrest and go on unmarked. 

It's been a shock on my body and I seem to be constantly sleepy. We long thought about dropping the trip to New York, but after talking to my dad we agreed to go as planned. It's counting down on mere hours now, only 24 hours until take off. 

Anyway, here are some of the few photos I managed to get around to do in Spain. And look, I've got a tan! PS. some photos have the cool hoover effect I occationally use. Enjoy.

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