Saturday, December 6, 2014

Uncharted 4. A Thief's End

I'm currently sitting glued to the screen watching this over and over again. I should be packing but I'm not. It's so fucking smooth! Every movement, no slight lag of positioned characters during combat (as is usual). Just ignore Bruce Straley's drop-down-&-fall-to-his-death-while-playing-a-live-demo-move.

Since november 24th I started this ridiculous sugar-stop in my diet, so that I will appreciate the treats of Christmas even more when it comes. So, a month, without sugar. Worst idea I ever had. I just start to restrict everything, and I loose weight. That wasn't really planned, but by god I miss chocolate right now!!! Anyway I wont break!

As I mentioned I should be packing, I'm heading to London for a few days of work. Hopefully some Christmas shopping aswell. I guess I'll bid farewell until then.