Monday, December 15, 2014


London was f*ing cold! It was fun though, and expensive and a little out on my non-sugar diet. We got a lot of work done, and too little sleep (in a perfect hotel) and had a little too much to drink during daytime. It suprised me, the fact that its easier to get a beer than something to eat during daytime.

Also got a little bit of shopping done. I really enjoyed the city looking all lighted by christmas decorations though. And enjoying breakfasts at gorgeous-looking cafés. Too bad this one place served a shotglass of smarties with my coffee. I couldn't resist.

Been home for a few days now. Soon finished with all christmas presents, got a week worth of work left before it's time for holydays. The kittens are doing awesome, so is Bebi. I'll try and get some christmas baking going next weekend! It'll be around then I'll allow myself sugar again...