Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bebi's babies: coming soon!

Bebi says hi!

Not too long ago we took Bebi to the vet because of some vaginal infection. Thankfully it was harmless and as soon as she got her medicine she got to herself again. While we were there we wanted to see the babies, and if they were all right, so we had a look at her tummy with ultrasound. We could count at least four tiny babies in there, maybe five. We saw their spines and their tiny hearts pumping, wriggling around fighting for space in there. It feels like i know the babies so well already, constantly having my hand on Bebis tummy to feel them move.

Their date of arrival is at the door. Before november 22nd, the babies should have arrived safe and sound. We have everything ready for her, and her box where we have a heating lamp to keep the small wrinkly babies warm at all times. I do hope she will have her babies in my bed though, its so much more easy to get access to her that way, so that I can help her, and calm her and cut their navel chords. And if necessary, help the kittens have their first breath of air.

I can't explain how excited I am. She's been getting more and more relaxed and very contact seeking these days. Sometimes she just wants to lie on my breast and have her head under my cheek, nuzzling very calmly. She's going to be such a beautiful mom. I already know her mom-skills as she was a surrogate for Emmas kittens last year, only this time she will do most of it herself. I do hope Emma wants to help her. Atleast if there are 5 surviving kittens. That can be quite a lot of work.

Anyway, wish us good luck!

The last photo to the right there shows how she just wants to be close to my throat in endless snuggles.