Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bebi pregnancy progress

Bebi is due to have her kittens (god knows how many there will be) in aproximately a month. Maybe more maybe less. Already she is hating the inconvenience of being pregnant and I feel sorry for her. This is my work, and even though she loved the time she got to spend with her lover Sheikh, I'm not sure she could foresee the consequenses. I'm pampering her a lot as she is new to this. Before I got home from Spain she was rather sad and didn't purr much. Now she's full of it and I like to believe it's because she knows that mommy is home, and everything will be fine. I am so looking forward to having her kittens! Last year with Emmas labour, she chose my bedroom as the most suitable place to give birth. In the bed of course. I hope that Bebi will do the same, because it is fairly easy to keep an eye on the kittens at night in here, and to keep it hot so they don't get sick. 

Wish us good luck! I'll try to come with updates more freequently if anything is up.


Spissmorkel said...

Å <3 lykke til med fødsel og kattunger :)