Saturday, September 20, 2014

Autumn 2014

The autumn of twothousandandfourteen is a little colder than the 22 previous autumns of my life. This particular autumn is a little darker than any of the ones i can recall. This autumn is a little less colorful than it should be. This autumn is specifically a little more lonley than what I remember. It's a little less tasteful; a little too soundproof; and my sight is blurred. This is the first autumn of many more, that I will have to spend without her. This is the first ending of a year I will have to do completely by myself - because that is exactly how it feels. This is a rebirth. A realization. A call. And a loss.

I still sing our songs; I still bake your cakes; I still laugh at your jokes; I still cry in your arms; I still feel your presence; I still hear your voice; I still talk about you as if you are here and you keep inspiring me - But I miss you so much.


Spissmorkel said...

Håper ting blir bedre som tiden går :) Det er fælt og føle att ting er håpløst.

Hell Nuki said...

It's beautiful and sad at same time.
Hope everything be ok, and if not, will be fine soon, you'll see ;)