Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brief look at photos from spain 2014

We left sunny norway for spain on the 20th of july. My mom passed away on the 24th. It's been some tough weeks, and this short week home has been filled with sorrow, stress, family and unexpected things. We buried my mother on the 6th of August, and on the night to the 7th my dads heart stopped. His girlfriend was around to call on medical assistance and perform cpr and keep his heart pumping for 30 mins until the ambulance got there. Technically "heart dead". They got him going again and brought him by helicopter to the hospital. For the following day we could do nothing but wait, as he was to be kept sleeping until the next morning (minimum). You have no guarantee for having taken no brain damage at all. Late on friday he was slowly awakening, and he grabbed my hand and managed to say hello and ask what had happened. We were so relieved, everything seemed alright. Yesterday he was all awake and able to talk. Short memory has been an issue since, and he can not remember anything we've told him, or even that we've been there with him already. I am so relieved he seemes to be himself again though. We were told that it is very rare to go through complete cardiac arrest and go on unmarked. 

It's been a shock on my body and I seem to be constantly sleepy. We long thought about dropping the trip to New York, but after talking to my dad we agreed to go as planned. It's counting down on mere hours now, only 24 hours until take off. 

Anyway, here are some of the few photos I managed to get around to do in Spain. And look, I've got a tan! PS. some photos have the cool hoover effect I occationally use. Enjoy.


Mysanna said...

Kjære deg, jeg håper du klarer å holde hodet over vannet i denne vanskelige tiden. Jeg har også en far med alvorlige hjerteproblemer, så jeg vet hvor trist det er, og i tillegg har du mistet moren din på samme tid. Jeg håper Rino tar godt vare på deg og at dere klarer å ha det fint på tur, til tross for alt. Masse gode klemmer <3

Magda said...

Omg my dear girl... I'm so sorry for your lose (i was away for quite a while and i didn't know you lost your mother, i'm really sorry) Not to mention the insistent with your dad. At least he is doing fine and i hope for the best. But above all i hope for your best. It must be so hard to witness all those things at once. My thoughts to you and your family and for anything i am here *hugs*