Tuesday, July 15, 2014

See ya

Ok, so I've been home from Paris in longer than what it feels already. I starter working on the photos from the trip the second I got home, yet it is takeing a little too longer than expected to put the blog-posts together. I've been quite busy on all hands really, so as it usually is, its prioritated last. The blog that is. I will try my best in between packing and organizing to get it uploaded untill I leave Norway for 2 months. Promise!

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↑ Alain Johannes - The Bleeding Whole

Lately we've had lovely weather even in Norway, so I've been working on my tan - or rather giving myself a protective shield against the sun in south-east Spain. Got quite annoyingly sunburned in Paris, and has been itchy since! Ridiculous really. I've gained weight this summer, but in no bad way I can think of. I'm quite myself again now, I suppose!
I've been seeing my mom - which is ill still; I've helped my dad unpack (they live in boxes still.); And I've visited my family down south and stayed there for a couple days, sunbathing, reading and looking for sea creatures in the water! But mentioning reading, I'm buried in a total mess right now. I didnt finish Notre-Dame de Paris, nor did I dare finish The Wise Man's Fear. I even reread World War Z after rewatching the movie. Then there are even more titles I am ashamed of picking up but not finishing. I'm trying to read through most of them before I am off on my travels. I'll bring some books there too, but I'd rather read them there, from cover to cover.

I also started writing a journal for my dreams. And I'm currently using my patience and arm for the next chapter of the poo, season two! Trying to wrap parts of it up before I'm off. I should probably be doing my own artwork, but I'll bring a sketchbook, so no worries!

In 5 days, I'll be off to spain, and after spending vacation there I'm heading to the US, New York, to make a documentary. As I promised, I'll do my best to upload the Paris pictures before I leave! But there are yet so many things I have to do before I'm ready to leave.

Oh, almost forgot to rant a little: And I bought the bottom of a bikini twice now. Cause I never have time to try them on in the store, and you obviously can't return them when tried at home. They're so fucking tiny!!! According to most sizes I am a size 6/34-36/xs-s. But those bottoms wont even let me fit into a 8/38/m!! So... I'm stretching it.. I know I said I gained weight, but it doesnt make me go from size XS to L!


Draupne said...

Gleder meg til å se bilder fra turen deres. :)