Friday, July 18, 2014

Paris part III Peré Lachaise

Visiting Paris and France for the first time in my life. I promised myself that I'd be uploading the documentation from the weeks trip. I'm always promising myself to do so, but I never get to it. Anyway, here it is. The Posts will come in parts, and in cronological order, day after day spent in paris. Note that most pictures will have a hovering effect on them, showing a different photo as you hover with your mouse. Only for those who are in special interest, i suppose.

Just getting ready to go out for the day. Plan of the day was to go to take the metro to Gare du L'est, then walk to Canal Saint-Martin, which I had been recommended for breakfast. I will admit that I didn't like the Canal or the places around at all, so we decided to walk to Belleville and take the metro there to the churchyard Peré Lachaise. We had our breakfast there instead, right past the street to where we later entered the churcheyard.

At Peré Lachaise there was this small area full of these tiny red beetles (which looked like they had a tribe mask on their back). They were all over, mating, running, and just basking in the sun.