Tuesday, July 15, 2014


First off, I don't remember having ever mentioned how much I've laughed myself to cramps, or to tears from watching work done by Ricky Gervais. First there was The Office, then there was Extras. Absolutely hillarious. When I saw Life's too Short, with Warwick Davis I experienced a new kind of comedy. My heart blead whilst I cried of laughter, and some of the scenes from all these shows, I'll eagerly watch over and over again. Like this scene from Extras, with Patrick Steward. It is simply brilliant! And this ridiculous scene with Liam Neeson from Life's too Short.

To the point.  I came across Derek. And again, I'm seeing myself laugh too loud for those small things. Derek is somehow different though, Ricky Gervais own acting in it is just heartbreaking. I love Derek so much. It's such a feel-good show. I cry and laugh at the end of each episode. It is just so heart warming. compared to the other Gervais work I've seen.