Wednesday, June 4, 2014

short and unruly

(Hoover for another photo)

as always i fail to keep the blog updated. i cut my hair some time back. havent had it this short since i was 16 and before that since i was 6. so its a pleasant change. i fell out of my drawing spree as soon as it started, so now i will have to force myself into it again. i need someone interesting to draw, or something. within my grasp - im very rusty! i thought about doing a portait of helcule poirot.. or maybe finish up the black & white themed john locke i began over a year ago... right, that was a bunch of gibberish, let me just finish the update. 

im about to watch poirot. i know its "old-auntie" like to do, but i honestly like it! and netflix is my new best friend. i recently rewatched the short series, Dinotopia! an old fav of mine (its horrible, dont bother to take a look). secretly though, i kinda hate netflix, so to make up for it i had a short cinema marathon on saturday doing two films in a row. maleficent first(i like it alot, it is very inspirational!) and x-men days of future past (have to admit i liked it a lot too, cant be compared of course, but i seriously hope that it is the last(!) 

and whoop for 6mm septum! (managed to bump my hand up in my nose accidentally just some minutes ago.. and it made me spill tears lol) 

hm whats that? oh, its poirot calling! Goodnight you ♥
↑ Once Upon A Time - Lana Del Ray (Disneys Maleficent)


Draupne said...

Så fint det ble:)