Sunday, May 11, 2014

felt like updating

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Telling you that todays wakening was a wonderful experience would make me a liar. I feel soar for no particular reason. Must be the allergies... Atleast my spirit is top notch!

Okay. Weekend has been lovely - actually the whole week has been. Every evening we found time for another Harry Potter movie, and I kinda feel dumb for realizing it now - this late, that I'm a Harry Potter fan. A wee bit too late you say? I agree. I'm not less ashamed of it though.

Today I will read and draw something! I have loads of work in progress drawings I should finish, but I'll give something new a little try. It's always the most fun to see what forms on the blank sheet. When it comes to details I always get bored too quickly. I will soon be animating things aswell. And thinking of animation - Flash would be cool to have. I wonder if I will remember how it works. Anyway, weather sucks today - tea and reading will be my reward for tidying the house!