Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it going to snow or what?

Guess what.. It actually snowed again last night and today. This little fellow I befriended just the other day must have been very disappointed. I met him basking in the sun on this rotten leaf. Hope he's ok.

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(Dont read the following unless you're extremely bored and want to know the particulars about my day)
Today was a good day. It's not even over yet! Ok, lets sum it up (for my own sake. ehe): Woke up earlier than necessary. Enjoyed the early sun, but I had not made up my mind on what to think of the snow just yet. When I stepped outside I knew though, the fresh spring air in ice cold form. Ice in the small waterpits I know too well, warming sun, no mud. Love it. Off to work, got some time to read beforehand. It suddenly got really cold, sitting inside out of the reach of my beloved sunbeams, reading about Kvothe who is numb by cold, laying helpless in the streets of Tarbean in muddy snow. I finished up and started working. I knew I would have a lot to do before the end of todays work, so I figured I would start my monday with a bigger smile than usual. Work work work and I just love deadlines!!! eheh... Ended up leaving an hour later than planned, no breaks (means no food) and still I was not ready to go home just yet. Had to run some errands for my mom. (just checked up the word errands. It's particularly close to the norwegian word, Ærend, and it seems (according to wikipedia) that it originates from the old english word 'ærende') Finally got home around 7, had dinner, did important stuff. Ended up here to organize more photos, and now just some minutes past 10 pm I am actually tired enough to go to sleep.

I have a day off tomorrow. I will spend it in the sun (if there is any). I will eat fruits, read, make a salad, take the train to oslo and visit the a new library and just seize the day.