Thursday, September 19, 2013

just another thursday

Okay. As some of you might have figured, the 101 projects (the quotes and the portratis) are updated automatically without me having to do anything. The problem though, is that with my absence they tend to fill up the blog with nothing. I know. words and not actions. Im trying to fix that.

My life is rather busy these days. I need to take my time with some stuff. I have been neglecting to mention it here before, but I guess the few of you who still pop by ought to know. My mom is very ill, she has been for a while but now she is hospitalized. On the 29th of august, my grandmother died, and it has been really tough. On the other line I am trying to get a new job, and other bothersome stuff that tend to come with a stady flow just tireing me up.

I am good though. My grandmother will get a memorial post later. She deserves the best. The funeral was beautiful.

I'll stop by once in a while and spit in a few photos from the vacation in spain I had almost two months ago.