Tuesday, August 20, 2013

on the coast of the mediterranean sea

This is just a bunch of random photos from the two-week vacation in benalmadena, spain. Spain was hot. Almost too hot. My milkwhite skin turned quite dark over the days spent in the sun, even with the use of +40 suncare. I went for long walks. Felt pretty in long dresses in the evening. I found a particular necklace I have been imagening and looking for for ages. I found some new friends and went for more walks. I ate watermelon with a spoon and I ran after lizards without any luck of catching any.


Fainting Spell said...

Too close to my city!!

Catharina said...

I knooow!! <3 Still far to travel by bus. I should visit you sometime! <3

Fainting Spell said...

Hahah! No problem... next time if you want... I have car :D