Friday, July 5, 2013

The drawingspree that stopped

Ok, these are mere sketches and work-in-progresses. All of which I work on, or worked on, at the same time. I lost my drawingspree. My eager to get home from work to draw, or to have a day off to draw. Hopefully it'll return soon. I hate how all of these are unfinished works never to be published anywhere. (besides here).

 I work on digital painting, and I try to teach myself all the stuff I have been missing since I first started to draw digitally back in 2004. I have a long way to go, so I try out a whole bunch of ways to get there at the same time. 

So everything is done by me. Colorpicking, drawing (ofcourse), every little detail and every little mistake is my fault. I consider all of these to be sketches, because even though some seem more finished than others, they aren't really. So, this is what I spendt my time on when I wasn't blogging the previous weeks. Enjoy. (photobucket destroyed my northern light drawing. fuu)

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