Tuesday, July 30, 2013


i've got this weird obsession about the new film oblivion lately. it gave me the same undescribable feeling i had when watching the matrix for the first time. this time it was a combination of the excellent and intreguing story, the acting, the effects and the music. I got a the same chocked up feeling that i got the first time i watched the island a long time ago. propably because of the thematics. and i got a vangelis (alexander, conquest of paradise: 1492 and blade runner)feeling, just done good. the soundwork in oblivion is truely very well done. bold choices, but awesomely executed. i cant help but loving it. and there is even a scent of alienism and even the game portal 2. besides, the end credit is norwegian.

remember, as i always point out. its better to just watch the movie, than to tease yourself and get expectations by watching a trailer. even reading what i write might give you expectations. dont have, just watch it.

(prewritten. i am still at work this hour of the day.)