Friday, July 5, 2013

Clicked home some new books

I am still, slowly, but stadily, reading my way through Moby-Dick. Meanwhile I pick nice flowers and stuff them inside the almost 800 pages. Memories I will save for the next time I pick it up to read it all over again. About 200 pages left. Point though, I just love these small books, and I have a goal to collect all the titles I want to read in these small nice-looking books. They look like in these blogposts; Frankensten (The Modern Prometheus) and Twenty Thousand Leages Under The Sea. Gives you a picture of their details and how big they are. I have collected a few already, but theese are not nearly every one I own by now, but I cant seem to remember them all either:

(↑ Hoover the above pictures to see them change ↑)

Theese six titles are the new ones I clicked home from, much cheaper than all the other places I've looked for them. I used to buy them at Outland, but then I figured I could get them way cheaper at But then I wanted more titles, besides, The Great Gatsby had been sold out for a long time, and I really need to read it before I see the film. Bookdepository even have free delivery to Norway, and I purchased for such a small amount so that I don't have to pay a fee when they arrive! Whoop. So hapy right now. I have 37 other titles on my wishlist. All Collector's Library versions.


Villfaren said...

Holy crap, de var jo skikkelig billige (de jeg ser på er riktignok på salg!) på "bookdepository". Hurra :D Takk for linkingen!

Catharina said...

Villfaren: Haha, ja, det er derfor jeg har klart å samle sammen så mange bøker på kort tid : D!!!!

Magda said...

Just.. so in love with them by distance! You can adopt me whenever you like, i will read and sleep with them and then you can give me back to my parents. Very, very good purchase i have to say i admire your taste in books <3