Sunday, June 30, 2013


Okay, to help making my still-existing shopping-adrenaline last a little longer, I will share it here. Not the most interesting way to blog, but hey, atleast I am updating something! I have collected a whole lot new favorites, and luckily many on sale. (Bebi ran over the items a billion times before I got to take an (almost) catfree photo.)

In the photos (please remember that this was boought over a period of time. I could never spend such a big amount on money on a single day): HJC leather bags. I have a big travelbag in the same brand, and I love it. I love their color and I love how they become better-looking with age. My last HJC bag wish is a black leather bag big enough for a laptop with lots of space. Expensive as hell for my wallet but it will not keep me from wishing. A blouse and a light-grey jeans from the sales on my work. Dark grey jeans from H&M; I actually got home with one pair and figured i should by another one and cut it to a shorts, as it was very cheap. A scarf that I just had to have, no sales but I am very pleased with it. A Polyester (fake leather) jacket from Cubus (of all places) on 50% sale. I loved the look of it, and I've always wanted a polyester leather jacket. I couldn't find one cool enough, or soft enough in black, so I figured white was as good as black in this case! Oh and I found a supercute small watch! Glitter had sales and I got the wooden pearl/cross necklace. In the latest I have brought home two cardigans from carlings in two different colors. The ones that are not single-colored there, right there. I love them! Eehe, ok ok I will stop this soon. I'm just trying to make myself believe its ok to shop like a maniac once in a while. I got a new perfume. I have been smelling perfumes over and over for weeks now, and I did a sponanious thing when I smelled and bought this. It's great though, and not as expensive as other brands. Then, my new babycampbells. Everest's. I've been drooling at these for ages. I know they look quite similar to the ordinary lita shoes, and ideally I would have them in brown. But on sale and perfect on my feet I gave myself another treat. Oh and the lovely cousy sweater is from carlings as well. Been waiting for it to get on sales since winter! And lets see, a small nice-looking date/diarty thingy.