Sunday, June 30, 2013

just another sunday

Bebi and Emma says hi. Both on my lap making me stationary in my seat. Emma's left eyelids are huge (not visibl in the photos), I think she has gotten an infection. She doesn't seem to care when I put pressure on them, but her tearcanals has gone bersherk. If it doesnt ease by the day, she's going straight to the veterenary tomorrow. Poor princess. Bebi keeping her company. Emma loves to lick and bite Bebi in the face.

(Hoover to see images in color)

I love sundays. Love. One of the days of the week I am always sure to have the day off on. Right now I am watering off my weary head from last nights drinking. Celebrating my father-in-law's 40th birthday! Congrats! I was supposed to have a detox this weekend, but I guess the alcohol and the fruit in the punch killed my try. I will do a complete water detox today, and maybe tomorrow too. It's really hard not to eat anything when work really requires the energy. I used to be a badass detoxer. Ten days in a row only on liquids. Those where the days.


Alternative indian said...

Just how cute can two cats be? These two are just adorable! :3