Sunday, June 23, 2013

In my bag

Tenkte jeg likegjerne kunne oppdatere litt, slik at det blir mer i bloggen enn portraits 101 og words of wisdom 101 i løpet av sommeren. Jeg får kanskje tid til å vise noen tegninger, noen bilder av været og noen av shoppingkuppene mine i løpet av kvelden.

I reguarly change bags, but this is what it mostly contains of. I have a book that I read, right now its Moby Dick. I have a purple box for nuts or grapes wich I bring to work. I have a sketchbook incase I end up sitting in one spot for hours. It rarely happens, but sometimes it's convenient when I see something strange I have to draw on the buss. I have my old compact camera with me to film moody trees and rain on windows. I have a handfull of lipsticks, just in case I change my mind for color. I have a tiny notebook which is almost full, a nailfile incase of emergency. I have a comb if i want to put up my hair. Wipes, both dry, with antibac and ordinary wet wipes in case someone spills something. I have my Bioshock Infinite/Yoda keychain with only two keys, one for work and one for my bicycle. Lipbalm, a box with mirror for the currently used lipstick, sunglasses, tampons and my wallet ofcourse.

When I was little I always wondered about what in the world women could fill such a big bag with. I guess I have the clue. I always bring a scarf or something aswell, in case it gets chilly. In smaller bags I stock up the most important pieces; a smaller wallet, a book, the keys, lipbalm and lipstick. Sometimes I carry along a tiny perfume bottle. I have a different one for each bag I use.