Monday, May 27, 2013

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea on the bus

Not long ago i finished Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I was quite pleased as they ended up in Norway by the end of the book. I enjoyed the whole lenght of the book, and got quite close to the characters; Professor Aronnazx, his manservant Counsil; and the canadian harpooner Ned Land, and ofcourse Captain Nemo. I enjoyed the book, and if it is ever to be a new film on the story, I would be satisfyed if Robert Downey Jr. would play the role as Captain Nemo. All the time I read the book, I saw Downey Jr., and noone else in his character. Would be awesome to se it filmatized as I experienced it in my head.

Since then, (yea I read a lot on the bus lately) I have read A Diary of A Nobody, wich I found very entertaining and fun to read. I've also restarted Moby Dick, as I tried to read it some years ago but didn't feel the flow. I'm currently reading and it is growing interesting. I have just met Captain Ahab, and Queequeg got himself on a low layer, as for Ishmael who got himself at the seven-hundreth-and-seventy-seventh layer. Wich isn't the best layer to say the least.