Tuesday, May 7, 2013

in middle of the night

I dreamt of poirot just this minute. had to share with the blog. hah. this evening i've been working on a cd-cover, watching obese people on tv with eating disorders (while eating cake after the weekends celebration), watching poirot and his magnificent mustache. i will continue this dream and solve the murders! i will be working tomorrow, and i'll take myself time to walk around the shopping mall after, to see if i can find some more treasures. i have yet to show you the recent treasurefounds. comming soon. i will be looking for shabby clothes in earthly colors; orange stuff; a pink lipstick; nailpolish sales; catfood; tummytops; dark brown sandals (if i dont find any very soon i'll have to get another pair of jeffrey campbell); a small, but not too small handpurse; and something where i can store my accessorices; fake lashes; and a handwatch. there are propably more stuff to be looking for, i need some new good heels to use at work, my favorite ones are only goodlooking in winter-tides, and now im happy to admit that its no longer winter in norway. perhaps i will find a pair of perfect pumps or thick-soled sandals! i will have to be picky, because i am saving money, and ofcourse, i will not be able to get everything i want/think i need. its worth a tour anyway.

sorry about the crappy webcamphotos. my head is covered in nightcream and looks greasy, and how the hell am i supposed to make something as daft as a webcamsnap cool or natural? this is the result. just to fill up this meaningless post. for those of you often irritated about me blogging in norwegian. ehe, just rablings. as always. I am going to ask you for a favor tomorrow. tomorrow it comes. it deserves a presentation. both in norwegian and english.


Villfaren said...

Fy flate, så fin!

Draupne said...

Enig med Villfaren, du er nydelig, Catharina!<3