Saturday, April 20, 2013

words are like magic. they make stories happen

Rino var søt og kjøpte hjem H. P. Lovecraft til meg i forrige uke. Jeg har ønsket meg den i evigheter! Leser som nevnt før Sherlock Holmes for tiden, og The Call of Cthulhu må nesten vente litt.
My beautiful husband bought home this H. P. Lovecraft collected works book (that I've wanted for years) last week. That is just soo nice of him to just randomly think of me and buy me a gift! And because I had lacked to specify that this spesific book was the one I wanted he had a hard time figuring out wich to buy me. This, until a costumor at the shop showed him this one (the one I wanted already) and said it was the best collection of works, and that there was no point in buying them one by one if you had this. I havent started reading in it yet, because I'm still not done with the first Sherlock Holmes book. This huge Holmes monster contains them all though. They're not that long.

I also own a totally black version of a Collected works by Edgar Allan Poe, similar to these in size and design.


Maren Elisabeth said...

Å, de bøkene er så fine. Har ønsket meg H. P. Lovecraft. Jeg har også Poe, pluss The Divine Comedy av Dante. Den utgaven av Dante er nok en av de fineste bøkene jeg eier.

Magister said...

And it's got silvered page edges and a purple ribbon, proving it is the corrected text (containing only eight typos that I missed but which people have pointed out later) and not the previous printings, which had about a thousand really bad typos, so a double "congratulations" is in order!