Tuesday, April 16, 2013

picture me

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Anna P. said...

Wow I just love the shorts. They are amazing! Nice style :D

And yes, I have noticed that you followed me :) I try to take time and look at all the followers but with over 100 now its kinda impossible to keep up. Another reason for the "Show me your blog" thing. So I can look at readers and none readers blogs and find interesting new blogs I didn't know before. Plus its fun :D

Oh yes, I remember the Spyhnx cat I worked with. She could talk and talk and she is the head of the household even though there are 2 Great Dane Dogs and 2 humans living with her. Its amazing what these cats can do.

Catharina said...

Anna: Yea i love those kind of shorts! :D

Anonymous said...

The second one ! :D
For the shoes, I have almost the same, but in black.

Catharina said...

I have those shoes myself, in black with wooden heel just as these! :D Love them. I would love a pair in brown too though <3

Anonymous said...

I think we have the same. Is it from Sacha ?

Catharina said...

Flo: ouu, well mine are not from Sacha, but I can see that they have loads of Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, so there is a good chance we have the same pair. Mine was bought off some norwegian website, though :)

These are one of my JC pairs: