Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Captain's Log: Stardate 0015042013005800

Going to sleep now. Husband got home an hour earlier than predicted, wich is a good thing. It feels like I just got home from work and stuffed my face with purple grapes. I didn't have the opportunity to eat the whole day (ok, so I did, but when I did I was not hungry the least). Now I don't have time to consume the amount of food my body and brain would like. I had another grape just this second. Eheh.. food + sleep = nightmares. Last night I woke up and told my husband about a nightmare where I was pregnant 4 months in. It felt very real, and I'm not mistaken by calling it a nightmare. If there is one thing I want control over in the whole period that will make my lifetime, baby-planning is one of them.

Oh distractions. The new blogdesign seems too pure for poorly shot AND noisy photographies, but I don't think there is a way to get rid of my beloved crappy photos. They'll always accompany the blog and give it a down-to-earth soul. Yea, that's what I'll call it. The soulmakers. Artificially posed photographies will spice everything up most of the time ofcourse. Though I need to remind myself that crappy gifs equals life.

Rarely seen in the blog about my life; myself (from earlier today). Lets make an excuse.. um, this is todays makeup! Hello fellow bloggers, and good night..♥


Annaal said...

Pen du er!

Svar: :D tok en stund, men svarte på kommentaren før jeg i det hele tatt hadde sjekket hvor jeg kunne velge bort koden. Nå er den uansett borte!

Catharina said...


Ali Horn said...

Ugh, I have pregnancy nightmares all the time too. You're not alone! Your make-up's lovely by the way. I love the little flick of eyeliner on top

Catharina said...

Ali: haha I'm glad not to be alone nightmarewise! Thank you sweetie <3

Fainting Spell said...

And don't worry about nightmares! They only are nightmares :P