Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to Skyrim part I

Some of you might find this utterly boring, but I will be using this blog for what I find entertaining and worth looking back at. I've used some of my sparetime on stuff that I'd like to do more like walking, exercises, drawing and gaming. Gaming.

Skyrim, as some of you already know, is the fifth game in "The Elder Scrolls" series. I've blogged about my youth passion for Morrowind, the third game (Read the crappy blogpost here). About a year ago I started gaming Skyrim, but after a big gamepause I figured I might as well get the game for PC instead of PS3. This opened loads of opportunities for the land of Skyrim.

And well, this is my character. The same charakter basically, as I've been playing on PS3 (and now in Oblivion). His name is Ja'Zirr. He's a Khajit, a feline on two feet. Basically a thief and a marksman. Nothing like the dragonborn he was ment to become. Anyhow, I'm just lollygagging around and having fun in the game. Thought I should share some great screencaps of awesome gamedesign.

The new expansionpack "Dragonborn" is out for pc and PS3 on january the 13th!

Det du ser i disse screenshot'ene er hovedsaklig vanlige quests som du kan velge å gjennomføre i spillet. Hovedquesten i samarbeid med The Blades og Bard's College questen hvor man henter King Olaf's verse og brenner Olaf på bålet etterpå. Det meste har jeg spilt igjennom allerede, på PS3, men det er like gøy fremdeles.


Autumn Monologue said...

Sadly, I never got to play Skyrim, since I don't have anything that'd be good enough to play Skyrim.

What recipe do you ask for? For the sushi rolls? Or the salad? :)

Have a nice week :)

Autumn Monologue said...

A friend of mine with who I made the rolls will post the recipe, so I'll link it on the blog asap :)

Yes, I hope so! It's annoying that I'm not able to waste my time with such beautiful games :D

Octapolis said...

looks dangerous, haha...

Fainting Spell said...

It's good right?? I wanna play it! But before I wanna play to Ni no Kuni!! I can't wait!!!