Friday, January 11, 2013

Star Wars news

Ok, I admit that it is a hopeless act of me, that I have avoided to blog about the new Star Wars films that are planned by Disney. I will continue to avoid this discussion a little longer, because right now I'm more into my new Moleskin for 2013 and a book (mine is in norwegian, sorry) called "The Jedi Path" (Du får kjøpt den i matvarebutikken, på internet (eks. Think Geek) og på Outland.)

The Moleskin will follow me this whole year, and it's basically a moleskin with cool appearences, and with everything a moleskin can ever contain (plus infinite space for notes). The Jedi Path book is just something I got for christmas. Funny though, as the title says, it leads you on the path to become a Jedi. Love how it looks.

The Moleskin is available in different sizes with different character-themes. Mine is obviously Darth Vader-themed. Love it.


Christiane said...

Herregud, sånn en må jeg jo bare ha!