Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Noir #3

Bloody, gold and Darth Vader.


Kat said...

Woah the purse, the purse! :-)

Answer for your last comment: Yeah, that sucks. I am not able to post pictures and stuff correctly but anyway, I can still write something via my boyfriends Ipad. Are you into games? I like fantasy and mmo's but I'm not a hardcore gamer playing all day.

Lene said...

Clutchen og armbåndet, wow! Du finner så mye fint!

Kat said...

Hmm yes, now that we are adults there's to much work to do to play all time :-) But even if there was enough time I am not that addicted to games anymore like when I was a kid or in puberty. Ah, the good old times. Nowadays there is a game once in a while I'm getting hyped about and then several month can go by until another one comes.

What genre do you like best? :-)