Sunday, September 2, 2012

Delilah Dust

Delilah Dust is a small webshop that sells cute jewellery and ships to every cornet of the world. They have some treasures, and you have to be quick if you want some of them.

I just ordered the two first pieces that you find in this picture-dump, and everything else is stuff I want. The pieces I just ordered was the only ones she had, so if you want them too, you'll have to mail her about it, and she will provide it for you.

I had been waiting for those new pieces for a month, and I knew they were going to be released on this Sunday. Soo happy right now. I've ordered from Delilah Dust earlier, so I know it's the real deal. I'll show my already received treasures soon.

Isn't just those quartz-patrons the most gorgeous and perfect necklace?


Kat said...

Wooooo the jewelry is awesome ! The ones with the colored gems are my favorite *_*

Yeah they got that helpless and sometimes sad look. In case of Nox he looks often grumpy, too :-) I think it is funny how they look different on every photo.

Ah ok. I read some facts about Sphynx therefore I asked :-)
Hm I think it is funny that the tabby ones don't become that greasy. I wonder why ...

Avarquare said...

Snygga grejer ::D
SV: iiih <3

Lise Myy said...

Ohh her var det mye fint. ^^ Spesielt de derre fargetingene.

Lene said...

Så mye fint! Tror jeg må gå å gjemme bankkortet mitt, jeg.