Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look, a frog

Well, it's actually a toad. Or two, or three (My closed hand contained three tiny toads at that point) A messed up little family. One of them had only three legs and the other one had only one eye. Poor fucked up guys.

I just got home after watching the movie Ted at the cinema. Fucking hilarious. I loved it, personally. It was too much fun. Tomorrow I'll be able to sleep out my backpains (hopefully) and then work from 14-21, and seven hours on saturday before I'll have yet another day off. On monday it's school again. Looking forward to it. Good night for now.


Octapolis said...

Frogs rule! I like them... ;o)

Kat said...

Woah your header is rad :-)
And frogs are great. I have to catch them whereever I see them. Gently of course.

Yuri said...

The poor frogs :[
Btw I love your layout!! It's amazingly creative ^-^

Lene said...

Ååh, minner! Her i byen er det ett lite sted som kalles tomta, område med noen småhauger og smådammer, der det alltid var tonnevis av frosker som vi pleide å følge med på når vi var små, av og til fant vi padder også. Blir alltid så glad når jeg ser enten frosker eller padder, spesielt på så stilige bilder :) Ted virker epic, gleder meg til å få tid til å se den!