Thursday, July 12, 2012


Itze my baby

We just finished watching Minority Report. Love it. Goosebumps all the way. I had early watch at work today, so chill compared to late-watch. Now we're up to Masters and Commanders. Looking forward to it aswell. Both Minority Report and Masters and Commanders (and La Piel que habito) were just picked up from our mailbox. Delivered by


Fainting Spell said...

I watched Minority Report last Tuesday! I loved it! :D
Lovely cat ♥

By the way! You could watch "La Chispa de La Vida", it was record in my city, hehe. Althought I think that is not too good!

Vardøger said...

Det kan jeg :-) den har en urolig farge ;-)
Baylies er søt som alltid :-)

Octapolis said...

The pics are funny! ;o)

Fainting Spell said...

RE: Yes! This is the hell! I'm enchanted to go to Norway! :P I not support hot weather xD
And this year I can go to the beach... I can, but water is full of jellyfish!!