Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Navigate through the blog

I've done a blogpost about this earlier, but this one is updated, to match the current look of my blogdesign. This will help you navigate through the blog, unless you've found out stuff by yourself. So well, this is what the blog should somwhat look like. What you see of the background and Baileys in the corner depends on the width of your screen. Othervise everything should be in order:

Scroll down and you will notice stuff in the menu to the right. There you can easily join the blog; subscribe sort of. You can ask me questions wich I will answer on my Formspring wall. And you will be able to see my previous answered questions there. I also have a list of my recently watched movies, linked to IMDb.

As you might have noticed, I have this horizontal menu aswell as the one on the right. Here I have links to the indexpage, bio, as in biography; a page introducing you to the blogger. A pets page with information about all the pets, a star wars blog where i upload star wars stuff only. And last, there is a "visit" page where I have links to blogs I find worth linking to. Please note me if you would like to be on this list.

As you might see in the screen-caps, the links should light up whenever you have your cursor over it. Here you can see what the Star Wars blog looks like. Baileys has a lightsaber in his mouth!

Here is the pets page. It's still under construction, because it's quite a lot of information and or photos that will be uploaded until I feel done with the pets concept. Click the round buttons to read about that specific pet.

When in the particular pets page, in this example Baileys, you can find a link on top linking you to every blogpost with Baileys involved, like ever. Baileys is not a visible tag elsewhere in the blog, so this is kinda the only way to have access. You have a link like this one for alle the pets, one by one.

Here, again down the menu, I have some links. My tumblr, the list of my movies (in need of update), the official LOST website and Lackadaisy Cats, a fun comic. I've also given the readers who are too lazy or busy to comment, a simple button to click if they like the blogpost. It says "like".

I've also got this searcher in my blog. It allows you to search for particular words in my blogposts. And you've also got my homemade archive. It's getting quite long. Easy as it seems, you have your cursor over "archive" and then the scroll-down menu will appear.

Other stuff is the new links that will appear in my Bio site. Links to stuff that will allow you to get to know me better. I've also got this "linkwithin" stuff, that allows similar blogposts to show as four small pictures in the bottom of every blogpost. And if you hate the times when I write in norwegian you can always translate with my google translator, but I can not promise that it will be correct or help you understand what I write. And for some time now, I'll have this youtube clip in my profile-box. A youtube clip with soundtrackmusic from the game Tone Rebellion.

Oh, and I accutally assume that the lot of you would know how to use the tags in the blog to get to the perfered part of the blog.

Then again, I excuse for my bad english for those who reads this, og beklager norske lesere for at det ble på engelsk, men det finnes allerede en på norsk her.


Fainting Spell said...

I always like changes in your blog! Realy you do it soo good! :D
Have a nice week! ;)

Vardøger said...

Flott design, jeg blir aldri førnøyd med mitt desverre :( Kan ikke html greier.