Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Machu Picchu

 "Machu Picchu was built around 1450, at the height of the Inca Empire. The construction of Machu Picchu appears to date from the period of the two great Incas, Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui (1438-71) and Tupac Inca Yupanqui (1472-93).[8] It was abandoned just over 100 years later, in 1572, as a belated result of the Spanish Conquest. It is possible that most of its inhabitants died from smallpox introduced by travelers before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the area." - wikipedia

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This is one of the places I really, really, reeeally, really need to go to. I have no words for how majestic and big I think it is. (ps, the photos with source are link-throughs)


Lene said...

Machu Picchu er ett av mine drømmemål også! Håper på å klare å dra før omdrådet blir stengt av for turister så man bare kan se det på avstand, har så utrolig lyst til å faktisk gå der og vite hvilket samfunn som en gang yret og hva som kunne ha skjedd om spanjolene ikke hadde kommet.