Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Kingdom of Guge

"Guge was an ancient kingdom in Western Tibet. The kingdom was centered in present-day Zanda County, within Ngari Prefecture of Tibet. At various points in history after 10th century AD, the kingdom held sway over a vast area including south-eastern Zanskar, Upper Kinnaur, and Spiti valley either by conquest or as tributaries. The ruins of the former capital of Guge kingdom are located at Tsaparang in the Sutlej valley, not far from Mount Kailash and 1,200 miles (1,900 km) westwards from Lhasa." - wikipedia

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One of the places i just have to visit. I'll be posting several of these "must visit" pots.


Vardøger said...

Jeg er så glad i sånn type historie , husker jeg elsket og lese om aztekerene da jeg var liten :)

Lene said...

Så utrolig nydelig! Er så utrolig glad i den type historie og historiske steder! Kom nettopp på min must visit liste as well :D

Magda Mortisia said...