Wednesday, April 18, 2012

that windy day

These photos are somewhat old. From a windy day I spendt in the woods at my parents place. The woods I played in as a kid. I was looking for this pink cabin with something that looks like a bullethole in the kitchenwindow. It's abandoned now, and was when I first entered (about 10 years ago). All we could find, my friend and I, was a couple of old madrases some old pornographic magazines from the 80's and early 90's. I failed to locate that pink cabin that windy day, but I will not stop looking for it. I'm just not sure how far into the woods it is. When I hicke in these woods I walk by the coastline, and I can't remember to have walked anywhere else when we discovered the pink cabin for the first time.

These photos are shot with my crappy, small digital camera. I did my best in photoshop to make them somewhat worth looking at, though. Atleast they covered parts of my trip.


Phoenix said...

Those photos are amazing! It looks like an absolutely beautiful walk. I love walking in the woods :) The flowers are lovely too, such a brilliant colour.

Octapolis said...