Monday, April 9, 2012

Blade Runner

It shouldn't need a discription. Just watch it. I grew up with everything this movie was and will be. It's impregnated in me somehow. Please watch it. If not through YouTube, download it, buy it. Just, watch it.

Vi hørte igjennom deler av soundtracket i bilen på lørdag, da pappa og søs kjørte meg hjem. Nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

Absoulutt en av mine favoritter!

Fainting Spell said...

I don't watch this film yet, but I want watch it! How are you?? ^^

Fainting Spell said...

Re: Thanks!! Haha! That me ;)
It's normal! When I came back from my trip I didn't want to know nothing of blogs xD And sometimes is great to take a break ;) in all things!
I'm fine too! I have car, and I must drive because sometimes I'm afraid to drive, haha! And now other of mi little cousins stay with me, soo... I can't be bored!
Oh! You know?? At least I can give all cats! ^^ I'm a little sad but I'm happiest!
I hope you have a nice time! ;)

Fainting Spell said...

Re: Thank you, I am ^^
But sometimes people makes me sad! ^^'

Octapolis said...

music was by vangelis, i think. sounds good, looks good too...