Wednesday, February 22, 2012

whats in the bag?

After the shopping we did yesterday, this was what my bag was filled with. Two mags; Star Wars and a comic-mag. A small pocket-version (but with book-like-looks) of Gulliver's Travels, a  new cosy sweater, two Star Wars figures and a mint-pastil Deathstar thingy. A bad excuse for shopping, but it was my first shopping in ages. The bag is black even though it doesn't seem so, and it's from


Fainting Spell said...

Nice stuff! Watching your blog I want to watch Star Wars again, because I don't remember it well!!
And about cats... her mom is a disaster! It's her third pregnancy and she don't know yet how look after them -__________- She only wants that I stay with her, she follow me all the time and I must be next her O.O At least she try it! I think that they will be as her mom, simameses! :D They have borned this morning! I'm soo happy, but after I'll must give :( I must find good persons ^^

Draupne said...

SV: Enig. Det er helt sykt hvordan verden har blitt. Det virker som om vi går bakover i tid, med tanke på hvor utrolig mannsdominert samfunnet begynner å bli!
Det er som du sier; mer primitive nå enn for 500 eller 2000 år siden!
Jeg syntes det begynte å bli bedre en stund, for noen år tilbake, men nå har alt bare falt sammen..

Jeg er også utrolig glad jeg har en stabil kjæreste. Tror ikke det er bare bare å finne seg en skikkelig fyr i disse dager.. -_-

Fainting Spell said...

Sure I'll update a lot of photos I'll stay at my boyfriend's house all time as posible xDD! And really I don't know their price.. I guess if I leave them in a pet shop I think they sold them for 10€ more or less, but we don't sold them, we give free :P, but also it's true that they are not purebred, maybe if they were purebred they would be expensive...I don't know, sorry u.u
But siamese are crazy cats!! Seriously, I love so much my cat, but she's so silly and she's so crazy... xD

Wow! Sphynx must be cute and smart!! I hope that she be mom soon :D Really I love all your photos in your blog ♥

I don't know how will be there, but I'm sure if you want a siamese you can find somebody who can give one free or cheap! :P

I envy you, hopefully I could have pets! You're very lucky!! But you know, hihi! When I have my house I'll have got a lot of animals!!

Fainting Spell said...

Wow! Too expensive! O.O In this momments I don't know that cat I prefer... xD I see your cat's photos and I see my boyfriend's cats and I want all cats in the world xD (really I like dogs too, but I've never had one). I like cats because they are independents but they show their love too!
I guess that I read that sphynx was cats very smart! But I'm not sure! I want you cat have kittens and see photos!

I'm glad because you like my blog! I'm happy!! ;)

By the way, today I remembered you because my boyfriend showed me a Star Wars chess! I'm going to try find it tomorrow ;)

Lene said...

So much wickednessss! Har man lyst, har man lov, er ikke det noe? ;)