Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Tree of Life, once more

Se den. Se traileren. Bli like oppslukt som jeg er. Jeg elsker denne filmen. Ingen av mine favoritter kan toppe den.


Isabelle Gloria said...

I love this movie!

Fainting Spell said...

I want to watch this film!! Must be great!
Could I do a portrait of you for your bday or something? :P

Fainting Spell said...

Re: Of course, when the new cats arrive I make a post with them!! :D And I want do a portrait of you! hehe! If you want choose the photo or send me one of you like, if not I can choose one, like you want! :P

Fainting Spell said...

Re: Thaaaanks!! I miss your comments :P But I'm glad that you think so about me (realy, my blog ^^)
Day 6's February you will have got your drawing ^^
Have a nice night!!!
Sweet Dreams!

By the way, watch this! If you don't wacth this film you would be watch it!