Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Way Back

Yesterday I bought a new film; The Way Back. We just finished watching it. We sat there in total darkness, embraced by the screen and the High Quality blessed Blue-Ray. I loved this film. I love movies like this. The director has previously made Master and Commander, another favorite of mine. I love movies with a great realistic sense, and I love the scenes that has no known purpose or meening. The Way Back is based on a real story in Sibir under the II World War.

Something went wrong when I separated the collage into several photos. My own composition ofcourse, but the screenshots are stright of from Google.


Guro Mimosa said...

Jeg så på trailer for denne for noen dager siden, og den virket skikkelig bra! Jeg tror jeg må vurdere å se den!

Huldra said...

Den skal jeg se :D
Øhm, har du prøvd å "lese" bloggen din på hebraisk nongang? *gliser*

Huldra said...

sv: Janei, jeg kan ikke hebraisk jeg heller, men litt moro var det læll :) Tusen takk x2 X)