Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bryllupantrekk - "simple"

Tried to keep it simple. I had kind of a crisis that morning, but my bf saved the day when he came in and saw me in that dress (which I've never used) and told me that he fell in love again. Ill def. use that dress more often this summer. It's so, simple.

Damn I've become such a body-fixated maniac the last days - but let me point out that I look kinda chubby in that photo.s Anywho, I finished it with a dark denim jacket and a big, black rose in the hair. And, hah, nvm my posters and messy room.

(kjole - Gina Tricot // sko - Din Sko(?) // ringer - glitter, pieces, CMYK, ShangriLa // kjeder - glitter, WACKEN)


Lene said...

Vakre, vakre du! Kjolen var utrolig nydelig på deg, så det skjønner jeg godt at han ble :)

Danarki said...

Hello tharr *_^

Katrine said...